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Patch 4 Gennaio 2019

- Aggiunto il runebook nei craft di Inscription.
- Aggiunti nuovi comandi Misc nel /custom.
- Danni ulti Archi e Libri/staffe aumentati del 5%.
- Sugli animali allevati ora fa vedere col l inspect varie info e statistiche che li riguardano.
- Aggiunto ritorno numerico per le skill necessarie per accoppiare gli animali.
- Le Viverne allevate ora hanno le skill corrette (molto probabile non retroattiva, ma accoppiandole nuovamente si sistemano).
- Pozza +150% EXP con sconto del 50% per periodo limitato.
- Piu tutta la patch CS nelle prossime ore: General Houses now have support for friends in addition to co-owners. House containers now support setting a security level of friend. Friends may open locked house doors. Increased the distance of no housing allowance around guard walls. Resolved an issue where several skills would not gain if at zero skill. Skills affected are the following: Healing Mining Fishing Lumberjack The Barrens and Black Forest graveyards are no longer neutral guard protected. Combat Resolved an issue preventing blue karma level players from defending themselves against orange players, without first flagging Order. Player and pet corpses now stay protected by Karma rules when their owner is logged off or in a different area of the game. Updated conflict Icons in the Karma settings window to reflect proper Aggressor/Victim visual states. Conflict status icon (Aggressor/Victim/Chaos/Allegiance) are now visible on pets. The following spells and attacks now require line of sight to affect targets: Earthquake Meteor Death’s Deathwave (In addition Deathwave no longer harms other undead creatures.)
Miscellaneous Karma rewards are now split between party members. Low level champion mobs no longer drop ability books. Magic scrolls drop at a reduced rate from fishing chests. General monster balances and tweaks. Open backpacks of pets now close properly upon mounting the pet. NPCs and creatures killed by guard protection lightning are no longer lootable. Resolved an exploit allowing you to use “Stand” while not sitting to teleport. Nearby player ghosts no longer result in hide skill failure for players. Resolved an issue where two awakening dragon bosses would spawn during the final stages of the awakening spawn. Server restart will no longer spawn another awakening dragon boss. An open portal to Catacombs now closes upon server restart. Catacombs pots can no longer be picked up and looted. Merchants inside Catacombs are now invulnerable. Resolved a bug where killing a blue player did not count towards achievement progress for the “Murderer” achievement. Corrected the “Murderer” achievement description.