Nuovo Client e Server 24 Aprile 2019

Modifiche LoA Italia

  • Oceanic,Lava,Air,Earth,Frost Mustang ora sono cavalcature eteree e inloot, quindi se morite torneranno nel vostro backpack in statua e non possono essere uccise.
  • Inserito l'Earth Mustang a costo ridotto fino al 30 Aprile nel LoA Italia Market.
  • Le statue delle cavalcature Oceanic,Lava,Air,Earth e Frost Mustang create prima di questo aggiornamento dovete farvele restituire con delle nuove contattando Aisbloc su Discord.

Modifiche Citadel Studio

  • Plot tax rate significantly decreased (3s3c for 12×12 / 24s96c for 30×30)
  • Plot re-size commit cost significantly increased (5g60s for 12×12 / 3p15g 30×30)
  • Land Deed purchase price increased to match commit cost of minimum land size
  • House blueprint purchase price doubled
  • House resource build cost doubled
  • Plots with negative balance will be foreclosed on Mondays at server noon instead of Saturdays
  • First Plot auctions now start one hour after foreclosure
  • Plot auctions last 4 days up from 30 minutes, allowing bidding opportunity for all
  • Plot auctions starting bid is calculated from cost of plot land size
  • Plot taxes can now only be paid by Plot Owner/House Co-Owners
  • Plot taxes can be paid directly from bank balance

New Death System

  • Ghost players enter the Astral Plane and are unable to see other mobiles with the exception of abilities that grant sight at great limitation
  • Upon death a player will not instantly release to their ghost. When released, the player will be moved to the nearest resurrection shrine
  • Returning to the site of your player corpse will offer an ability to resurrect with minimal resource pools and all remaining belongings returned
  • Players can choose to resurrect at a shrine following their death, which will leave all belongings on corpse
  • You can now Resurrect a player’s corpse while player is in a different region
  • Pets will be partially released upon player death and will resume ownership on resurrection within range of your body
  • Added Spirit Walk; cooldown ability which teleports a ghost player to the nearest applicable shrine
  • Added Ephemeral Projection; an ability that allows a ghost player to see other mobiles near their corpse and for a short period when activated
  • Map indicators now show dungeon entrance if corpse is inside

New Mount System

  • Standard mounts can no longer be dismissed to statues
  • Mounting a horse is no longer instant / being dismounted no longer carries a debuff
  • Mounting a horse simply requires an interruptible short channel
  • Engaging in combat, casting spells or engaging in standard actions will dismount the rider
  • Ethereal mounts are now available with summon/unsummon straight to player inventories that will wear over time and eventually break from normal use
  • New Spell! Etherealize will allow the caster to turn their targeted mount into a statue
  • New Reagent! Ether will allow the casting of Etherealize, crafted by an alchemist from items obtained from: liches, skeleton mages.
  • Legacy mount statues may be used to summon a horse which cannot be dismissed.

Allegiance Improvements

  • The Allegiance system now has seasons. Rankings reset at the start of each new season
  • Players are now ranked directly against their peers
  • Allegiance ranking is updated upon server restart
  • New ranking information added to the Allegiance window
  • Joining allegiances now requires new members to have attained maximum stats (150/150)
  • Adjustments made to the transfer of Favor (rank points) on kill


  • Chances to receive specific crafting orders based on your skill level has been adjusted
  • Some new crafting order rewards are now accessible that were not previously. This includes some new dye colors, furniture and bless deeds
  • Iron blacksmith table is now craftable (added recipe)
  • Colored hatchets and mining Picks are no longer rewards and are instead craftable by different materials.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Doubled the duration of Hamstring from 6 to 12 seconds and increased the cooldown from 20 to 60 seconds
  • Updated Kryss secondary ability to bleed
  • Updated Poniard secondary ability to Mortal Strike
  • Adjusted bow difficulty to improve skill progression
  • Adjusted Obsidian crafting difficulty to improve skill progression
  • Adjusted difficulty on boards to allow crafters to GM on high end materials
  • Hunter spider now has the appropriate pet slot assignment
  • Fixed Black Forest town chest that was stuck in a wall
  • Dice rolls are now System Messages
  • Range increased on Destroy Foundation to allow players to destroy foundations
  • Fixed an issue that always counted owner’s guard protection when protecting pets
  • Higher skill characters are no longer offered low skill missions
  • Fixed missions being given based on incorrect skill level
  • Mission difficulty level for tamers now uses AnimalTaming instead of Beastmastery
  • Lockboxes can be opened via lock picking
  • Players affected by Chilled debuff will be immune to Frost damage for the duration
  • Disabling effects such as stun now set to lowest speed vs locking in place, also applies to casting
  • Fixed Stasis removing Immunity when effect was ended early
  • Opening the map in a region you have not memorized will open the zoomed world map instead
  • Founder Mount Statues have been temporarily disabled; on use player will be given a system message
  • Allegiance leaders’ default interaction when out of combat is now converse instead of attack
  • Stablemaster added to Black Forest Outpost
  • Escape Scrolls now sold in Oasis and Black Forest
  • Catacombs Wraith Knight now has the appropriate amount of health
  • Run speeds across monsters have been slightly reduced
  • Female bandits now have the same HP as male bandits
  • Reduced overland spawn in The Barrens
  • Updated descriptions on Manifestation and Evocation
  • Ogre bosses now drop ability books
  • Vile spiders now drop vile leather instead of beast leather
  • Hearths located in Inns are now a heat source
  • Wilderness Mission Dispatchers have returned!

Modifiche Fix Pasqua 2019

Evento automatico Programmato Pasqua 2019
- Da domenica 21 Aprile dopo le 7 del mattino fino a tutto il lunedi 22 al vostro login comparira un piccolo evento automatico di Pasqua da svolgere in solo o in compagnia. Come premio riceverete punti LoA Italia ed una delle nuove Legendary Crate citate nelle modifiche del 19 Aprile.

Modifiche Fix 19 Aprile 2019
- Riordinate le diciture delle gemme e rituali una volta applicati negli equip.
- Migliorate alcune uscite dei valori delle armor/armi quando craftate.
- Aggiunto loot personale ad ogni pg quando viene ucciso il Boss di Oblivion. Nuova Crate con oggetti speciali.
- Quando si carica il runebook ora ricompare il target per eseguirlo in sucessione.
- Aggiunto loot personale ad ogni pg quando viene ucciso Vazghun o Barkas. Nuova Crate con oggetti speciali.
- Aggiunto loot personale ad ogni pg quando viene uccisa la Morte. Nuova Crate con oggetti speciali.
- Inserito un fix per non bloccare i mostri negli spawn dei rituali.
- Inserito un fix sui valori delle gemme nelle armi e relativo buff.
- Sostituito il bottone del steam reward (non disabilitato) per aggiungere il nuovo sistema di daily reward, un sistema che sarà attivo nei prossimi giorni che in base ai login giornalieri vi darà dei premi nella vostra bank. (By Malthus)
- Migliorati i loot di eventuali boss con il drop di soldi e gemme.
- Inserito un controllo del valore di danno delle ulti a volte piu basso del "normale".
- Inseriti nuovi oggetti di arredo nelle crate di reward. - Inseriti nuovi equip nelle crate di reward.
- Inseriti nuovi tube per barba e capelli nelle crate di reward.
- Inserite nuove cavalcature nelle crate di reward.
- Modificati i loot di tutti i tesori.

Buon divertimento e Felice Pasqua da parte dello Staff.

Patch 15 Marzo 2019

- Tutti i Boss e miniboss ora droppano un alto ammontare di copper in base alle persone che lo attaccano potenziandosi. Come i champ.
- Tutti i boss e miniboss droppano gemme casuali in base alla forza.
- Tutti i mob nel mondo possono droppare gemme casuali.
- Inseriti nei forzieri il ritrovamento di gemme casuali.
- Aggiunte nelle craft station la possibilita di smeltare equip craftati e di ricevere un ammontare minimo del materiale da essi (tasto destro - Salvage).
- Inserito un fix sul danno delle ultimate.
- Ridotta la difficoltà di ritrovamento di Blightwood nel mondo.
- Aumentato lo spawn di cavalcature speciali nel mondo.
- Inserito il drop di Vile Blood nelle gorgoni del champion spawn di barrenlands.
- Aumentato il drop di Blightwood dei watcher nel champion spawn di blackforest.
- Inserita una nuova craft station per potenziare le gemme trovate nel mondo vicino ai tinkerer di tutte le citta' principali.
- Aggiunto uno slot su ogni arma ed equip per incastonare le gemme che danno vari bonus una volta equippate in base alla pregiatezza:
 --Diamanti: Arma: +2%*livello gemma danno vs mostri. Armor: +1*livello gemma Evasion.
 --Rubini: Arma: +2*livello gemma danno fisico. Armor: +1*livello gemma HP.
 --Smeraldi: Arma: +1*livello gemma crit chance. Armor: +1*livello gemma Stamina.
 --Zaffiri: Arma: +1*livello gemma vita per colpo. Armor: +2*livello gemma Vitality.
 --Topazi: Arma: +1*livello gemma danno magico. Armor: +1*livello gemma Mana.

Urgente - Tasse sulle Case

In questi giorni il sistema delle Case ha sottratto dalle tasse dei plot come da news CS del 18 Gennaio 2019 (per un periodo che era stato disabilitato e che quindi non venivano sottratte con un mese posticipato --> Febbraio):

  • The housing tax and auction system will be re-enabled on Monday (1/21) which means taxes will be taken out for the first time on Friday (1/25)
  • Tax warning dialog box added when land is claimed/resized and balance is low.
  • Tax warning dialog box appears on login when a plot’s tax balance is low.

Quindi consigliamo a tutti di controllare il prima possibile le vostre case in game che siano tutte ok.
Siamo a conoscenza che questi giorni di "tax" free è stato sottratto anche a coloro che non avevano proprio la casa in quel periodo purtroppo. Nel caso contattateci su discord.

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