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Novità - Sistema delle Aste

E' UP il nuovo sistema delle Aste, vi permetterà un mercato centralizzato e la comodità dello scambio di oggetti fra giocatori.
In caso di problemi segnalatelo sul forum, per info sul funzionamento contattateci su Discord.
Buon divertimento!

Vi presentiamo Maxiim!

Dopo un lunghissimo viaggio finalmente arrivai al villagio di Eldeir, un posto veramente spettacolare!
Il gioco di luci durante il giorno e la notte è un esperienza indimenticabile e la natura che lo circonda ti rilassa e ti ammorbidisce l'animo.
Sono molto contento di essermi trasferito qui! Dopo un pò di riposo andrò dal Sindaco per registrare la mia attività e un luogo dove esercitarla, chissà se gli affari andranno bene qui... domani di sicuro lo capirò!
Maxiim, Banditore d'Aste.

Patch del server all'ultima versione di gioco

Tra poche ore verrà messo UP il server all'ultima versione di gioco disponibile, alcuni contenuti custom devono essere rielaborati mentre altri verranno resi disponibili il prima possibile. Nei prossimi giorni verrà reso tutto disponibile non preoccupatevi!
Vi lascio di seguito tutte le modifiche dalla CB1 alle CB2 in formato originale:

Client / World:
- Character UI elements are now persistent across game sessions.
- Dragged out status bars now persist across world and region changes.
- Added earthquake spell icon
- Torches no longer are automatically turned off during the day
- If auto targeting is enabled, your current target is now shown next to your status bar, the previous indicator of current target (ground circle splat) has been removed.
- Container drop down lists will refresh when an item is exhausted or used.
-The minimap can now be locked so that it doesn’t rotate with camera rotation. Non-rotation is the new default setting.
- House blueprints are now for sale in town shops.
- Fixed broken merchants in Trinit and Belhaven
- Fixed static collision in Western Upper Plains
- Fixed female beggar pants
- Fixed collision in Valus
- Added new bind stone art
- Tree fall animation no longer loops
- Fixed objects not highlighting after clicking on a UI element
- Every item now has appropriate sounds
- All general stores sell the correct region map
- Added “no weather” region to goblin mine
- Added crocodiles to the Black Forest Swamp
- Added foxes to the Upper Plains and Eastern Frontier
- Fixed Catacombs portal activation animations
- Changed "The Bushwoods" region to "The Brushwoods"
- Adjusted overlapping border between Barrens and Southern Rim (the old border was causing incorrect portal summons)
- Fixed invisible collision on client 
- New Great Tree Area
- Club PRZM has been reopened for our backers with that access level
- Mouse hover now shows the sword over hostile mobs, not the chat bubble, when in non-combat mode. 
- Fixed a bug where items in subcontainers were shown as missing if they were on the hotbar

-Use the hunting knife on bolts of cloth to get bandages.
-Wearing Light/Heavy armor without the corresponding skill grants 50% of it’s defense property.
GM Light/Heavy armor skills grants 100% of defense property.
-Salve renamed to antidote, added to Alchemy.
-Reorganized alchemy craft menu
-Skill gain rates revised.
-Stat gain rates revised.
-Adjusted raw and refined resource weights.
-Dyes are now stackable.
-Removed rarer spawning ore levels from guard protected zones.
-Adjusted Sorcerer prestige abilities.
-Spellshield now has a duration of 7 seconds at all ranks, and returns 50/150/250 spell damage for each rank respectively. Cooldown increased to 5 minutes.
-Destruction has had its cooldown increased to 3 minutes.
-Spell Chamber has had its cooldown increased to 2 minutes.
-Fixed a bug where the NPE magical guide waypoint was not showing up on the map.
-Updated magical guide dialogue to match the game system changes and correct terminology.
-The Magical guide now takes longer time to despawn while interacting.
-Added a “miss combat” message when missing with weapon abilities to make what happened more clear.
-Extended spawn delays on escorts and reverse hirelings.
-Attempting to take an escort through a portal prompts a dialog to cancel the escort.
- Training at NPCs has been re-enabled, talk to different merchants to get a head start in specific skills.
- Fixed issue where a second target after failing the first wouldn't work for some items, such as bandages.
- Shovel, Fishing Rod, and Crook will now take durability loss upon use.
- Magical guide now explains what to do when exhausted.
-Fishing villagers spawn with fishing rod.
-Double clicking after harvesting a mob which has a pack now opens the pack.
-Players cannot attack or cast spells while harvesting.
-Mounting a pet or changing equipment will now automatically cancel harvesting.
- Players can no longer harvest while they are already doing something else.
- Tattered Shirt is moved from legs section to torso at the loom.
- Updated Hiding description to include supplementary skill information.
- Hired Merchants are now always invalid combat targets.
- New characters no longer start with leather or padded armor.
- Empower fixed and modified; For a duration of 10 seconds, healing spells casted will also heal friendly mobiles near the target.
- Fixed Destruction applying more damage than intended to main target.
- Fixed some instances of pets not being properly protected by Karma system.
- Destruction has a unique icon, no longer sharing an icon with Empower.
- Harvesting a kill that is not yours will advance conflict relation, triggering Karma and guards. Enabled Karma Protection to prevent this.
- Users are now informed when they have a very low chance of taming a creature.
- Fixed issues with animal taming / beast mastery for large spiders.
- Craft menu will re-open on craft failure.
- Players will now receive system messages about the status of hunger and vitality.

- All prestige abilities now reset swing timers correctly.
- Changing stat arrow directions or locks on tamed pet stats no longer also change the owner’s stat locks and directions.
- Player's now have an option to lock their title so it will not get overridden when they earn new title.
- Player's can mount their tamed horse by double clicking it after reviving them, previously a revived mount had to be mounted by using right click.
- Renaming a pet now causes its name color to reflect that of the owner.
- Stove now acts as a heat source for cooking.
- Players will be moved when furniture is placed on them.
- Command and Sneak actions have been moved to the skillbook, under their respective skills.
- Stun now advances conflict relation causing Karma, and by extension, guards calls.
- Wine is now drinkable.
- Group maximum size increased to 25.
- Replaced "Leave Group" context menu on self with "Group" that opens the group user interface.
- Group leader no longer has to convert a group to karma free; now each individual member can consent at will, meaning late joiners can also choose to consent as well.
- Missing an NPC will now advance Conflict ( Karma and Guards ) and add aggro ( reduced rate compared to hit ).
- Fixed the unlocked ability Cleave not hitting your selected target. (Weapon ability Cleave was not affected by this.)
- Cleave will no longer hit mobiles that are out of Line of Sight.
- Corrected craft descriptions of anvil and forge. 
- NPC merchants item prices have been adjusted, and also now have limited stock.
- Added Great Tree Awakening Mobs & Regions.
- Reduced chance to receive fluffy cotton from 30% to 5%
- Item values are once again derived from resources used to create the item
- Catacombs resets when the portal to it is opened from Southern Hills.
- Players attempting to login to Catacombs region are automatically transferred to the Southern Hills Catacombs Portal location.
- Catacombs Portal automatically closes after 3 minutes of defeating Death, and at that time, players are purged from Catacombs if still present.
- Catacombs Portal no longer has a four hour open duration, and persists until closed by the defeat of Death, or a server restart.
- Mobiles inside Karma free zones (Arena or similar) cannot attack mobiles outside of the zone and vice versa.
- NPCs now can have beards.
- Immune combat text is more obvious 
- Fixed bleed immunity
- Books are now writable and can be crafted using inscription
- Banker NPC dialog now closes when they open your bank.
- Dead pets no longer follow you when transferring across regions or worlds.
- Vile spiders now fight when their health is above half
- Lizardmen now sound like lizardmen
- Mobs now have appropriate sounds
- Players no longer receive the message "Nobody invited you" when declining a guild invite.
- Fixed exponential fish fillet creation
-Cloaked targets may now be damaged by AOE effects, and damage over time effects.
-Hireling merchants now follow player through world teleports, like the boats used to reach Sacred Isle.
- Fixed bug allowing cleave prestige to reset swing timer and swing weapons quicker than should have been possible.
- Slightly lowered taming difficulty of Giant Scorpion.
- Death no longer continues to emit smoke after dying.
- Corrected order of raw metal difficulties for mining. (Min/Max Skill check):
-Iron -5/65, Bronze Ore 10/80, Copper Ore 25/95, Steel 40/110, Obsidian 55/125
- Boss direct in-backpack loot distribution only includes living players
- Attempting to /stuck while hidden breaks invis effect.
- Attempting to sneak or cloak while waiting for /stuck cancels /stuck.
- Items created during crafting now properly adhere to container weight limits.
- Added crafting orders to Helm’s smith
- Disabled message boards for now, pending a design overhaul to be more useful.
- Converted cultists to use regular monster AI.
- Chain tunic craft description corrected.
- Crafting actions dragged into hotbar slots should now work correctly. 
- User is informed if a weapon swing is stopped due to target going out of line of sight.
- Weapon swing is reset when swing is stopped due to line of sight issues.
- Hirelings will attack back at players when attacked. After getting attacked by a hiring player, they will run away upon taking too much damage or being idle.
- Hirelings now cannot be hired while in combat with a player trying to hire them.
- Mobs now exit combat state upon going idle.
- Death, Cerberus, and Awakening Dragon bosses can no longer be stunned
- You can no longer drag new actions into weapon special move icons, and override the icon. 
- The correct message shows for trying to add items to overweight containers. 
- Cooking pot updates with correct weight. 
- Cooking pot correctly destroys ingredients on failure. 
- Picking up an item that puts you over backpack weight max now disables movement until it's placed back down (including splitting stacks).
- Logging out drops currently held items
- Since double shots are now only used on Shortbows, we’ve lowered the stamina cost from 20 to 10
- Crafting a regular stamina potion now gives you...a regular stamina potion
- Add bind portal stone (consumable item purchased in town)
- You can now mark in house plots/yards (not inside)
- Horses sold by NPC merchants are now guard protected.
- When hireling merchant dismisses, the items being sold by that merchant now get removed from sale automatically.
- NPC Merchant items now say “out of stock” when sold out and appear semi-transparent.
- Saddlebags can now be crafted by fabricators.
- Katanas are now craftable.
- Server change to hopefully prevent glitching/exploiting through house walls and other areas.
- Fixed issues with Oasis Awakening spawn fighting each other.
- Players can hide within the no hide range of someone, if out of line of sight
- Atlas is now blessed.
- Taking damage interrupts the burial of a rune.
- Packed objects placed by a co-owner of a house now do not decay
- Mob camps no longer spawn inside a terrain object
- Fixed many dialog windows not closing when they should
- Alcohol and drugs now apply the correct visual effects
- You can now drink refreshments even when "not hungry"
- Items being sold by a merchant and an item purchased from a merchant now show item info correctly in tooltip
- Item being sold by a hireling merchant now shows weight
-Reduced mining/lumberjack skill gain speed
-Fixed amounts of blank scrolls on scribe vendors
-Lowered sewer gold amount on mobs.
-Remove tinderboxes from starting new player inventory.
-Fix to skill gains over 80 (will now be substantially slower).
-Tweaked some skillgain rates (notably reducing taming gains and a small reduction to combat skills).
-Wild tameables are now subject to a respawn delay.
-Fixed Karma calculations when attacking another player's pet.
-Sped up escorts to be able to keep up with running players.
-Craft orders are now weighted relative to quantity (lower quantity orders will drop more than higher quantities).
-Fixed attacking your own pets causing Karma, and by extension, being guard whacked.
-Added lockbox and pouch to recipes. Now craftable by fabricators and woodsmiths.
-Fixed a typo on character creation. 
-Fix selling items that are crafting in stacks (merchant used to off 20x the correct value for arrows).
-Adjusted weight of weapons.
-Fixed sos_map and treasure_maps in invalid locations.
-Treasure chests now spawns at appropriate locations.
-Updates title section on character window when title gets changed.
-Removed dialogue about dismissing npe magical guide forever.
-Lowered the speed at which combat skills and stats gain slightly.
-Camp merchants no longer pay out rewards for certain items.
-Toggling combat state with a bow has the same effect as stopping; minimum of 1 second swing or remaining swing if greater.
-Fixed scout abilities Stun Shot and Wound sometimes failing to work.
-Skill gain removed from training dummy.
-Mark and Portal no longer consume reagents or mana on invalid targets.
-Fish fillets now drop to the ground if they put you overweight.
-Buying stacks of items that put you overweight now results in them dropping to the ground.
-Known material recipes are now considered when issuing crafting orders.
-Fixed an issue allowing players during character creation, to sometimes see other characters being created.
-Fixed remaining pet issues leading to guard responses.
-Fixed attempting to craft a packed item resulting in a 100% failure rate. 
-Spider silk drops fixed.
-Move Focus ability from Magic Affinity back to Channeling in the skills book.
-Horses no longer teleport behind you, if you login while mounted and then dismount.
-If a resource is not valid when a player finishes harvesting it, they will no longer be stuck in a harvesting state, and unable to harvest new things.
-Made "Cannot harvest now" statement to appear in middle of screen.
-Fixed characters being able to start with greater than 80 skill during character creation.
-Remove remaining level 1 prestige books from sale that shouldn’t of been for sale.
-Added message to inform players when they are sated from eating. 
-Silk now drops from spiders correctly.
-Crafting orders now use a sum of total weights to pick orders.

In più, per tutti coloro che entreranno nel nostro server fino al 24/07/2018 non compreso riceveranno un bellissimo Mustang nella Bank.

20 Luglio 2018 Closed Beta 2 in arrivo!

Siamo quasi pronti! L'update all'ultima versione di gioco salvo imprevisti è confermata il 20 Luglio 2018! Per maggiori info o restare aggiornati raggiungeteci su: